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noun - \ kre-mə \

Cremas or kremas is a sweet condensed milk based cream liqueur traditionally made with Clarin or grain alcohol native to Haiti.  


Over the years, the recipe has not changed much until now. Haitian rum uses the same process technique as scotch. Sugar cane is used instead of molasses. The Caribbean is mecca for rum / rum production. Today, all rum cream brands source their rum from the Caribbean.


There has been a rediscovery of Haiti since the 2010 earthquake that devastated the capital. However, the culture has never changed. Since the time of its independence from France and slavery, Haiti has always been a country rich in cacao, coffee, sugar cane, rum, and culture. 


With influences from Africa, France and Spain, Haiti boasts a mélange of culinary and language influences. On average Haitians speak, Creole, French, Spanish and English. 


The Pearl of the Antilles remains. The difference is lack of education, rampant corruption, and other factors that have weakened the economic stability of the country. Throughout its problems, the Haitian population has never wavered; never losing themselves during all the strife. 


Similar to French cuisine, Haitians use French technique to create baked bread and patè. 

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