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A Cremas Story Crafted with Love & Culture


Cremas Absalon strives to create newer ways to showcase Haiti’s popular cream liqueur beverage. Since its conception, Cremas Absalon has developed Cremas, Cremas Ice Cream, and Cremas Coffee Creamer.



Meet Charlene

Cremas Absalon was founded by Charlene Absalon in 2013 with the intent to reproduce a more modern and flavorful version of the traditional cremas. It infuses the richness of the Haitian culture with contemporary American customs to create a distinctive take on the authentic product.


The success of the various Cremas Absalon flavors led to the concept of Cremas Ice Cream. Cremas Absalon Ice Cream captures the signature spices and sweetness of the cream liqueur by blending authentic Haitian flavors within a frozen dessert.

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